Westminster Paddy Fields / London Futures © GMJThis view across Parliament Square shows paddy fields running up to the walls of the Palace of Westminster. The land that once housed political protest is now part of the city’s food production effort. In this scenario London has adapted to rising wate Piccadilly Circus / London Futures © GMJLondon’s busiest urban hub becomes a haven of calm as water levels rise ever higher. Water lilies, fish and wind turbines drift quietly in the breeze, amid empty buildings which are only left standing to support the infrastructure of power generation. C Notting Hill Carnival 2074 / London Futures © GMJThe Notting Hill Carnival is still going strong. But being out in the sun is now a death-trap. Every carnival-goer is given standard-issue blue sun-block to protect every inch of exposed skin. Health and safety gone mad, or gone sensible? Tower Bridge / London Futures © GMJAs the Gulf Stream slows a mini ice-age brings temporary relief to heat-weary Londoners. Winter skating becomes London's most popular sport and Tower Bridge is a favourite spot. The scene harks back to the 17th century when artists loved to paint London' Aerial Flood / London Futures © GMJLondon has become uninhabitable. Every year spring tides surge through the Thames Barrier, making London the new Venice. But whereas the city of gondolas has come to terms with water, London is overwhelmed. This image shows the impact of 7.2 metre floodi