Big Red Sausages

Velke Cervene Klobasy (Transl.)

Pretty much nothing excites me as much as finding a socialist leftover.

'Velke Cervene Klobasy’ (Big Red Sausages) documents remaining fragments from the socialist system, decaying, left over, or on a developers hit list.

Shot throughout Slovakia, Poland, Former DDR, Lithuania, Belarus and Romania, 2007-2012. Druzba, Bratislava, Slovakia Trade Fair area, Leipzig Sportshall, Vilnius, Lithuania Mig 15, Slovakia Amfitheatre, Bratislava, Slovakia Trencin, Slovakia Tatras, Slovakia Humbertos, Slovakia Hotel Kyjev, Bratislava, Slovakia Hotel Kyjev, Bratislava, Slovakia Romania Fallen lenin, Romania UFO, Slovakia Olympic ski jump resort, Belarus Crematorium, Slovakia Tablecloth, Romania Hotel Kyjev, Slovakia Rozhlas, Slovakia RozhlasSlovakia Plane cafe, Slovakia Bratislava, Slovakia Poland Warsaw, Poland Bus station, Bratislava TV Centre, Slovakia Bridge, Slovakia