Britain in Space

Think of space faring nations and you'd perhaps be forgiven for overlooking the British contribution. The US, Russia, China, India, France and even Iran have their own very successful space programs, with Britain seemingly a footnote in history.
While we once stood neck and neck in the space race, developing, building and launching our own large scale rockets and satellites, Britain lost ground through a lack of money, political will and imagination.

Fast-forward to 2014 and things are really happening for UK Space.
Despite the economic downturn, the shift in recent years of privateering and commercial space ventures has seen an increase in British Space revenue grow at three time the rate of the rest of the UK.

With many projects in development, Britain looks set to be entering the most exciting period of space ventures in decades.
Thanks to Reaction Engines, Mullard Space Science Lab, Science Museum Archives, Airborne Engineering, Bristol Spaceplanes, Starchaser, Astrium, RAL Space and Surrey Satellites.