Britain In Space

BRITAIN IN SPACE SABRE Engine Model, Reaction Engines Culham. SABRE (Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine) is a new engine class that can operate in both air-breathing and rocket modes. Reaction Engines Precooler module. A precooled jet engine is a concept for high speed jet engines that features a cryogenic fuel-cooled heat exchanger immediately after the air intake to precool the air entering the engine. After gaining heat and vapouris Hot LipsSo called ‘Hot Lips’ of the ground test rig for the engine pre-cooler, Reaction Engines, Culham Reaction Engines Cryogenic Rocket Test Apparatus during a cryogenic precooler test. STOIC TestSTOIC Test with Silencer REL Cryogenic testReaction Engines, Cryogenic test, Culham. GoonhillyGoonhilly 03 - Goonhilly satellite receiving downlink module within the base of Goonhilly 3. Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station is a large radiocommunication site located on Goonhilly Downs near Helston on the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall. 4 Links4 Links Uplink Spacewire Server. SpaceWire is a robust serial communication technology that is used throughout the space industry. The technology was originally proposed as a standard (by 4Links staff) in the UK, and has evolved via an IEEE standard into SSTL. Workers stand in front of a 'component dishwasher'. SSTL have been instrumental in the UK's success in the small satellite industry; essentially utilising an 'off the shelf' mentality, SSTL have gone on to become a hugely successful player in worldw Surrey Satelittes Mockup. Full scale wooden wiring mockups of satellites assist the actual build. RAL ChamberA worker stands before the Space Test Chamber (STC) at the Harwell site of Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) The chamber is capable of reaching temperatures ranging from -180oC to + 150oC, ensuring that instruments tested at the facility are able to wi Qinetiq Ion ThrusterT6 Ion Thruster Inspection. The gridded ion thruster is a common design for ion thrusters, a highly efficient low-thrust spacecraft propulsion running on electrical power. These designs use high-voltage grid electrodes to accelerate ions with electrostati The gridded ion thruster is a common design for ion thrusters, a highly efficient low-thrust spacecraft propulsion running on electrical power. These designs use high-voltage grid electrodes to accelerate ions with electrostatic forces. CentrifugeQinetiqs Human Centrifuge in Farnborough. CablesAnti-static grounding cables on hang on the wall at Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, (SSTL) Airbus defence and space (formerly Astrium) Astra 5B service module. ExoMars detailExoMars rover wheel detail. Alan BondAlan Bond, founding Director of Reaction Engines and inventor of the air breathing SABRE engine concept. Mark HempsellMark Hempsell, aerospace engineer and CEO of Hempsell Astronautics Ltd . Designer of the Universal Space Interface Standard (USIS), a system which aims to standardise berthing, docking and attachment of satellites and spacecraft. David AshcroftDavid Ashcroft of Bristol Spaceplanes with a model of ‘Ascender’. David is a strong proponent of Space Tour- ism Delegates at the biennial UK Space Conference. The UK space industry is worth £9.1bn to the economy, employing over 30,000 people Tim PeakeTimothy Nigel Peake (born 7 April 1972 in Chichester, West Sussex) is a former British Army Air Corps officer and a current European Space Agency astronaut. Tim is slated to make a return to space after his hugely successful Principia Mission. ButtonsIsolation Amplifier module at the groundstation of the Harwell site of Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL). Steve Bennet & StarchaserSteve Bennett, owner of Starchaser Industries, a privately owned company based in the UK whose principal aim is to become a viable business in space tourism. Steve, washing the unlaunched Churchill MkIII holds the record for the largest rocket launch in t Phil GuttridgePhil Guttridge, Head of Electronic Engineering at Mullard Space Science Laboratory, with a 2/3 Scale Mock- up of Prospero, the only British satellite to have been launched aboard a British Rocket, in 1971. Prospero is still in orbit, and still transmittin Blue StreakBlue Streak Rocket detail Blue Streak Underground Test ModelPart of the Science Museum archives, this model depicts an underground launch site for Blue Streak; Britains 1950s nuclear deterrent. The program saw Blue Streak adapted from a medium range ballistic missile, to the first stage of Europa - the European la Rolls Royce RZ2A Rolls Royce RZ2, a liquid oxygen (LOX) / kerosene fuelled rocket engine designed to power the Blue Streak Missile, courtesy of the Science Museum Archives, Wroughton Helen SharmanHelen Sharman's Sokol KV2 spacesuit and launch 'couch' in celebration of the 25 year anniversary of Britain's first astronaut. In 1989 Sharman answered an advertisement she had heard on her car radio: “Astronaut wanted. No experience necessary.” UKRA Rocket Festival.UKRA Rocket Festival. The late Sir Patrick Moore. Original founder of the British Interplanetary Society Jim ScraggsJim Scraggs, retired rocket engineer pointing to his Black Knight tie.